Sage Hill, Nolan Hills, Sherwood, Kincora, Evanston

Residents in the communities of Sage Hill, Nolan Hills, Sherwood, Kincora and Evanston have expressed concern for:

  • completion of their community especially parks, pathways, recreation and road assets;
  • community parks and recreation facilities including North-West Rec. Centre ‘fitted out’ with greater recreation choices;
  • community centre buildings;
  • additional primary access points entering and leaving Evanston;
  • better roadway access and traffic signals onto Beddington Boulevard and Simons Valley Parkway;
  • expanded bus service (i.e. coverage area, frequency and extend hours of service) plus shorter ride to BRT terminal (e.g. 420 route);
  • clean / clear roadways and pathways from construction debris and snow/ice;
  • traffic calming measures especially speeding along bus routes and around school and playground areas; and,
  • traffic enforcement of construction and heavy equipment vehicles along 144th Avenue, Symons Valley Road, Sage Hill Drive, and Beddington Boulevard