I Believe

Pesticide Use

At the current time, Terry believes pesticide use must only be areas of public risk, as opposed to city-wide applications. Whether it be mosquitos, beetles, etc. or rabid animals, the public safety and health of Calgarians is of significant importance.  Protecting our residents in high areas is vital. If we must use pesticides, it is crucial that it disapate quickly so as not to leave uncontrolled residue beyond any control / monitoring period. It must not be  administered in quantities that it permeates into the soil and eventual ground water. It certainly should not be applied near rivers, streams and water storage and treatment areas.

Secondary Suite

Secondary Suites in R1 zoned properties must seek re-zoning first (under current land use bylaws) through proper process including public consultation. If a proposal to redefine the R1 zoning to allow secondary suite, he would expect a full public consultation and input process and suggest that a new R1-Secondary Suite zoning be established if this meets public and City Council’s favour.  Secondly, I am concerned about the affects on property values, property nuisance, traffic, absentee landlords, etc.  While I support secondary suites, it is only with conditions that it meets fire, safety, zoning, parking, public consultation, owner accountability, tenant accountability, and insurance conditions.  Affordable housing is certainly a chronic problem but responsible housing and individual property rights are just as important.

Traffic in Kincora

As City Councillor, I will ensure

  • The City revise its truck route bylaw forcing gravel trucks to
    – use Shaganappi Trail (north and southbound) thus avoiding Symons Valley Road and Beddington Trail;
    – to restrict their hours of operation to 7am and 7pm; and
    – avoid making excessive noise from their exhaust and air brake systems while travelling near residential areas.
  • the traffic lights at Kincora Blvd and at Kincora Glen Road entering into Beddington Trail are rush hour synchronized for steady flow north and south.
  • the exit from Kincora Blvd onto Beddington Blvd must be made a dual right turn onto southbound Beddington Trail, thus exiting twice the # of vehicles (the same maybe done at Kincora Glen Road if volumes warrant it).
  • a Traffic Noise Study be conducted at Kincora Drive (below Shaganappi Trail) to determine the effects on these houses and whether it warrants a noise attenuation wall
  • that a request for a traffic enhancement program consisting of
    – speed traps along Beddington Trail and on Kincora Drive
    – roadside speed display indicators,
    – bigger signage and well marked crosswalks
    – heavy truck inspections.