I have been delivering my campaign largely through door knocking, community meetings and events, social gathering / coffee meetings and social media; a very low cost and highly effective form of voter engagement. The use of paid advertisement, signage, printed brochures and mailings, and technology is kept to a minimum as a continual demonstration of his fiscal conservatism and focus on value based outcomes. The expected campaign budget is $25,000. My campaign must be financial viable and expenses fully paid by 2014 March.

  • I have made the maximum candidate contributions of $10,000 which has already deposited. This investment is my financial commitment to this responsibility and privilege.
  • I have received $5,600 contributions from family, friends and neighbours to form the next significant contributions,
  • I will fund raise from events and fund raisers to form the next significant contributions (event to be hosted yet), and
  • I will receive corporate and special interest group donations to complete our financial contributions which include thus far:
    • $2000 Wapati Properties Inc; (friend; unsolicted)
    • $1000 Brookfield Residential (visited; unsolicited)
    • $1000 Qualico (unvisited; unsolicited)
    • $ 300 Brown & Associates (visited; unsolicited)
  • In-Kind
    • $1170 Photography

I need your financial contributions to make this campaign a viable campaign for the best and right candidate to become Ward 2’s City Councillor; any surplus will be held in trust for future civic elections or relinquished to a charitable foundation when Terry chooses to leave city politics (subject to changes in the municipal elections funding rules).

Please make a financial contribution by cheque at:

Campaign for Terry Wong
Attention: Financial Agent (J. Malik)
37 Edgevalley Way NW
Calgary, Alberta T3A 4X7

To make a ‘in-kind’ contribution as a volunteer, please visit our volunteer website page.