Arbour Lake, Hawkwood, Ranchlands, Citadel & Hamptons

Residents in the communities of Arbour Lake, Hawkwood, Ranchlands, Citadel and Hamptons have expressed concern for:

  • clarity on Dr. Robert Thirsk High School busing, traffic and neighbourhood parking impacts along Nose Hill Drive;
  • safer neighbourhoods especially due to the increased of non-resident patrons at Crowfoot LRT Station and into the residential areas;
  • better city response and method of snow removal especially on steep incline roadways, around schools, and non-bus route roadways;
  • traffic calming measures especially speeding along bus routes and around school and playground areas;
  • parks outfitted with exercise circuit equipment (e.g. pull up bars, sit up benches, etc.);
  • a community centre building in Hawkwood;¬†and,
  • access to off leash neighbourhood dog parks