In the Community

Over the last 4 months of door knocking, I have heard from thousands of individuals like yourself that have expressed their issues and desired outlooks for Ward 2. All residents and visitors of Ward 2 have expressed the need for:

  • safe, reliable, available, accessible, affordable and secure City infrastructure, programs, and services;
  • clean and protected communities, streets, parks and public transit space;
  • confidence that The City will respond quickly and effectively to protect their homes, properties and families in case of emergencies;
  • access to City facilities that enhance the quality of individual and family life;
  • unimpeded, free flowing north-south travel to downtown and south Calgary along Crowchild Trail and 10th┬ástreet NW;
  • traffic enforcement of neighbourhood speeders and oversized truck traffic in residential roads;
  • reliability in bus schedules, extended early start and late evening bus service, shorter bus feeder routes from LRT and BRT terminals, and cross-town east-west bus routes;
  • the North-West Rec Centre built, opened and operated as soon as possible;
  • managed development of North-West new communities that does not impact established communities or their share of City taxes;
  • snow removal not snow plowing especially where snow is pushed against residential driveways, garages and crosswalks
  • more off-leash dog parks; and,
  • maximized value of their tax dollars and to pay only their share of city costs. While they understand that tax increases are necessary to address new program and the cost of inflation, they always want The City to seek innovation and efficiency, to breakdown silos and reduce overheads, and to purchase cost-effective products and material.
  • Ward 2 residents unanimously do not agree with Council’s choice to take the $52 million in vacated tax space without more effective public consultation and debate.┬áDespite this, they were satisfied that the 2013 tax space was allocated to the 2013 flood recovery.

Terry believes: “As Candidate for Ward 2 City Councillor, I consider these vital priorities and resolutions for the next term of City Council.”